How to use and maintain our covers in the best possible way.

Instructions for use and maintenance


Make sure there is proper ventilation to allow air exchange.

Avoid placing the cover completely adhering to the tabletop.

It is recommended to put shims above the top, such as wooden sticks, a tennis ball or other so that the cover does not adhere completely, and the transpiration phase is facilitated.

Prevent the formation of water basins. If necessary, place a tennis ball or any other element to create a higher point and facilitate the proper flow of rainwater.


When you collect the cover, make sure that is dry and widely cleared of all dry residues: improper storage can lead to microbial attacks despite the fungicidal finish of the fabric.

The fabric can be manually cleaned using a soft sponge with warm water (around 30°C) and non-aggressive detergents. The material must be dried out soon after a proper rinse.

Cleaning in an industrial washing machine with subsequent drying is possible. At a temperature of 40 ° C, make sure that the material is washed with reduced mechanical action, i.e., in industrial washing machines for large panels.

The fabric can be disposed of in normal household waste, or it can be burned in incineration plants for thermal use. These details always apply in compliance with local laws.