Add at least 3 cm to the dimensions of the furniture to be covered.

Rectangular waterproof sheet for outdoor sofa that are too wide will suffer from the action of the wind and will be subject to possible stagnation of water.
Too small Rectangular waterproof sheet for outdoor sofa will leave some areas of the furniture uncovered. Our production has a size tolerance of 1 cm.

Custom-made protective covers larger or smaller than allowed: send us a request for a quote


The fabric used is breathable and is tested in the laboratory: it is waterproof to a 700 mm water column. Considering that no PVC is involved in its creation, impermeability is not 100% guaranteed in particularly adverse weather conditions, or in the seams.


We can send it at the cost of shipping (Italy € 10.00; Europe € 15.00). Contact us by email.

Note: even if the covers are breathable, the cushions should never be left under the cover for an extended period of time, as they could be damaged by condensation. Ideally, cushions should be stored away in a dry environment such as a shed or garage