Protect your garden furniture with the best outdoor covers.

Unlike the majority of covers for garden furniture on the market, which are made using material of plastic origin (PVC, TNT, polyethylene, polypropylene), our outdoor covers are made of breathable fabric.

Materials of plastic origin are undoubtedly cheaper, but at the same time they are less ideal for a protective purpose, and they can also be harmful for your garden furniture due to lack of transpiration and consequent problems of humidity and condensation; when exposed to UV rays, they may even stick to the furniture.

On the contrary, our protective covers for garden furniture may be left outside regardless of the weather conditions. They can even be placed on wet furniture without creating no problem whatsoever, making it possible to let it dry despite being covered. They can also be custom made in our specialized laboratory, following the instructions given by our clients, which will guarantee not only a perfect fitting, but also an excellent windproof action.